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When You Need an Attorney...

Robert Grossman is here for you. Criminal charges are stressful, unexpected, and oftentimes frustrating. When you are charged with a crime, it can directly interfere with your job and personal life. On top of this, a conviction can mean difficulty finding a job, education or housing in the future; and it goes without saying that no one wants to experience the hefty fines and jail time that follow a conviction. When your record is on the line, you will want a dedicated and experienced attorney on your case.

A Strong Criminal Defense Strategy

With over two decades of experience in criminal defense, Robert Grossman has a wide variety of strategies for use both in and out of the courtroom at his disposal. He begins every case by searching for all of the facts surrounding the case. Your defense will be strengthened by aggressive investigation tactics such as speaking with law enforcement, obtaining witness statements, finding hidden witnesses, reviewing crime scene photos and police reports. Once all the information is obtained and available, your defense will be built on the facts. Robert Grossman's approach to criminal defense is to aggressively challenge the prosecutor's case at every chance to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. When the evidence against you may be too strong to gamble at a trial, he will weigh the options for plea bargaining and advise you in-depth about every potential outcome. Sometimes working with the prosecutor can benefit a client more so than putting it all on the line at a trial.

Approaching criminal charges without the right attorney is like stepping up to the plate at a baseball game without a bat. The stakes are always high in a criminal case. When you are facing charges you will want an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Let attorney Robert Grossman's experience work for you.

Robert Grossman, Attorney at Law

Robert Grossman, Attorney at Law provides aggressive legal representation in the areas of criminal defense, domestic violence, DWI/DUI, and traffic defense. Located in Denver and serving clients throughout Colorado including Denver, Adams, Jefferson, Douglas, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Boulder, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties.

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If you have been charged with a serious crime, a misdemeanor, or even just a minor traffic offense, Robert Grossman can help. Contact us today, and put Robert Grossman's extensive experience to work for you.