About Robert Grossman

My name is Robert Grossman. At my Denver, Colorado, law firm, Robert Grossman, Attorney at Law, I have practiced criminal defense since 1994. Every time I take a client, I work hard to give him or her the best possible outcome. Often, I am able to get criminal charges reduced or dismissed, taking away the risk of jail or prison.

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My Practice Style

I am well-known for my measured approach to the law. In my more than 20 years of practice, I have learned that while the charges stay the same, everything else about each case is different. The facts are different, as are the prosecutors and judges. Most importantly, you the client are different. You will not benefit from a one-size-fits-all approach to criminal defense.

Instead, I will work closely with you to understand your side of the story. I will thoroughly investigate the case for evidence that differs from the prosecution's claims. My answers to your questions and my legal advice will be in your best interests. My clients trust me to be completely honest with them, treat them fairly and deliver the best possible results.

No Case Too Big Or Too Small

You will be in good hands. I have represented hundreds of clients in my career. There is virtually no type of charge I have not encountered before. I am prepared to give you excellent representation to you no matter what you are charged with.

Tell A Lawyer About Your Arrest

To schedule a free initial consultation with me, please call my Denver office at 303-952-0728 or visit my Contact page and fill out my online intake form.