Reliable DUI/DWI Defense

You were driving on a Denver-area street or highway when the flashing lights of a police car suddenly filled your rear-view mirror. The police officer asks if you have been drinking. He or she makes you breath into a strange device and perform field sobriety tests. At the end, the officer arrests you on suspicion of drunk drinking.

What do you do now? To give yourself the best chance of keeping your driver's license and staying out of jail, your next move should be to contact Robert Grossman, Attorney at Law. I have practiced DUI/DWI defense in Colorado since 1994, and I am confident I can help you.

Every DUI Case Is Different

There are a lot factors in play in most DUI cases. Did the arresting officer have probable cause to pull you over? Was the breath test device properly calibrated? Were there any circumstances, like an uneven road or disability that affected your ability to complete the field sobriety tests?

Practicing DUI Defense Since 1994

As your defense lawyer, I will not take the arrest report at face value. I will carefully investigate your arrest for evidence contradicting the prosecution's case, so I will have maximum leverage. In many cases, I am able to convince prosecutors or the judge to drop DUI charges or get them reduced.

DUI And Your Driver's License

Under Colorado law, your driver's license will be suspended automatically following an arrest for DUI or if you declined to submit to a breath test. You could be facing the loss of your license for at least nine months.

You have the right to appeal your suspension, but the time to file an appeal is limited. I will represent you during the hearing and show the judge that you do not pose a threat as a motorist.

Call Me After A DUI Arrest

To talk about your case with me, please call my Denver office at 303-952-0728 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also email me via my Contact page.