Arrested For Domestic Violence? Contact Me.

A domestic violence accusation can take away your children, your career and your reputation. If you have been charged or accused of domestic violence, call my law firm, Robert Grossman, Attorney at Law. From my office in Denver, I have provided criminal defense to people throughout Colorado since 1994.

How Does Colorado Law Treat Domestic Violence?

Technically, domestic violence, also known as domestic assault or family violence, is not itself a crime. Instead, when someone is charged with a violent crime against someone with whom the accused person has an "intimate relationship," the law adds a longer potential sentence after conviction.

In this context, an intimate relationship typically means parent-child, married or divorced spouses, or current or former couples. An accusation of violence against one of these people in your life could lead to a protective order being filed against you, on top of criminal charges. You may be barred from seeing your children temporarily or permanently.

Taking The Emotions Out Of The Situation

Domestic violence is an emotionally charged and complicated area of the law. Often, the parties involved have very different accounts of what happened. I provide calming representation that will help you make informed decisions for yourself and your family. As your lawyer, I will give you honest, straightforward advice, and do everything possible to resolve your matter positively.

Let Me Help You After A Domestic Violence Arrest

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