Sex Violations

In Colorado, the law takes classifies certain offenses as sex crimes. These crimes are typically met with heavier sentencing, especially if the circumstances surrounding the charges are associated with acts of violence. In addition, once a person is convicted of a sex crime, they will be added to Colorado's public registry of sex offenders.

Once someone is registered as a sex offender, they will suffer several repercussions that can affect several aspects of their life. Registered sex offenders may not reside in certain areas, and may need to declare their status when entering a new community. At times, registry may be a life-long consequence of these crimes. In addition, once a person has been convicted of a sex crime, the onus is on them to remain registered per Colorado law.

Colorado Sex Crimes

Colorado lists several crimes as sex offenses. Many of these crimes carry penalties at the felony level. Colorado sex crimes include:

•  Sexual Assault: Sexual Assault is a blanket crime that encompasses all acts of sexual assault including rape. There are varying degrees of sentencing that a person may face when convicted. Sentencing for this crime will also increase when certain circumstances apply, especially for crimes of violence, or when a victim is considered an "at risk" person.

•  Unlawful Sexual Contact: Unlawful Sexual Contact is a separate crime that deals with acts of engaging in contact with a victim's intimate parts, or clothing over the intimate parts, without penetration or sexual contact occurring. There is also a high potential for sentencing increases as well, depending on circumstances.

•  Sexual Assault On A Child: When a child is subjected to sexual assault, it is taken much more seriously in the eyes of the law. Defendants who face these charges will always be charged at the felony level, with sentencing increases appropriate for the circumstances. Under this law, a victim is classified as a person under the age of 15 while the defendant is at least 4 years older.

•  Public Indecency/Indecent Exposure: Crimes involving public indecency or indecent exposure are classified by a person exposing intimate areas, especially his or her genitals, in public, or with the intent to alarm another person.

•  Child Pornography Crimes: The law takes a harsh stance against acts of child pornography or sexual exploitation of a child, especially when distributed over the internet. There are varying degrees of sentencing involved for this crime

•  Failure To Register As A Sex Offender: If a defendant is found guilty of a sex crime, they are required by law to register as a sex offender in the state of Colorado. Failure to do so is a criminal offense, and may even be charged at the felony level, depending on what the initial offense that resulted in the conviction was.

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