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The civil right that protects all your other rights

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about the Bill of Rights and what it stands for -- at least, we don’t until one of those rights is imperiled.

One of the most important rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution is the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of your right to an attorney. The Founders who wrote the Bill of Rights recognized that a person charged with a crime has little chance of receiving a fair trial if they are forced to defend themselves in court. It was just as true then as it is today that your only realistic chance of avoiding jail time is to have an experienced defense lawyer representing you.

What you need to know about street racing law in Colorado

Sports car enthusiasts in the Denver area may be aware of the thriving street racing culture here. Law enforcement across the state is working to arrest people for allegedly participating in illegal street races, so it’s something for fans to be aware of.

These races usually start as late-night meet-ups, where owners show off their cars and socialize. Later on, some of the car owners arrange races on emptied-out highways like Interstate 25.

Is there a link between company perks and doctors' prescriptions?

Though abusing prescription painkillers is against the law in Colorado, opioid addiction remains a major health crisis here. Indeed, it’s a nationwide problem, as millions of Americans struggle with addiction to these powerful drugs.

There are many reasons for this epidemic, but a troubling new study suggests one factor could be the financial influence drug companies have over doctors -- especially here in Colorado.

Personal breath tests part of Colorado anti-DUI campaign

If you have ever gotten into your car and wondered if you were legally over the legal limit, a company that manufactures breath test devices might have a solution.

The Colorado Department of Transportation recently announced a partnership with BACtrack on a program called “Before You Go, Know.” The campaign involves giving personal-sized breath test machines to 475 people throughout the state with a DUI conviction on their records and currently have a valid driver’s license. The participants will keep the devices for six weeks and report back to CDOT if the BACtrack machine kept them from drinking and driving.

Court rules against police car searches based solely on dog sniff

A ruling by the Colorado Court of Appeals could dramatically restrict the police’s use of drug-sniffing dogs to justify searching your car.

The court ruled earlier this month that a police dog’s indication that it smells drugs inside a person’s vehicle is not, on its own, enough to give officers permission to search the vehicle without the owner’s permission. The ruling changes the prior legal precedent and could greatly change how police conduct traffic stops in Colorado.

New Colorado law restricts police use of asset forfeiture

It probably doesn’t surprise you that the police have the power to seize your property, as long as they have legal permission to do so and the property is related to a criminal investigation. What you might not know -- unless it’s happened to you -- is that law enforcement agencies often keep what they take, including suspects’ bank accounts, cars and other valuables. Even when the suspect is never convicted of a crime.

It’s called “asset forfeiture,” and it is a controversial police power. At the federal level, agents do not have to return you property to you if you are acquitted or never even charged with a crime. It is often difficult to get your items back, and many critics say asset forfeiture is an abuse of government power.

Hickenlooper signs new juvenile criminal expungment law

Even if you are never convicted of a crime, being arrested or charged can remain on your record. This can limit your ability to get a job or find housing, and can trail you for years.

Minors and criminal charges

For juveniles, this is especially troubling. A minor charged with a crime in Colorado could find themselves unable to get accepted to college. Even if they do get in, they may struggle to get student loans, making higher education virtually impossible. As a teenager, single arrest or trial can ruin your life, even if you are found not guilty or the charges are dismissed. 

DUI breath test machine certifications called 'forged'

A stunning revelation has cast serious doubt on thousands of DUI convictions in Colorado. A former lab technician with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Enviroment says someone forged his signature on more than 100 DUI breath test records in 2013. 


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