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Personal breath tests part of Colorado anti-DUI campaign

If you have ever gotten into your car and wondered if you were legally over the legal limit, a company that manufactures breath test devices might have a solution.

The Colorado Department of Transportation recently announced a partnership with BACtrack on a program called “Before You Go, Know.” The campaign involves giving personal-sized breath test machines to 475 people throughout the state with a DUI conviction on their records and currently have a valid driver’s license. The participants will keep the devices for six weeks and report back to CDOT if the BACtrack machine kept them from drinking and driving.

Labor Day weekend patrols

It’s no coincidence that CDOT has launched “Before You Go, Know” just before the Labor Day weekend. This is one of the most intense times of year for DUI enforcement, as police aggressively pull over motorists on Colorado’s highways and roads.

How the device works

According to The Denver Post, the devices look just like the ones police officers use, except they are much smaller. They connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. After the user blows into the device, an app on the phone gives a report of the user’s current blood-alcohol level and an estimate of how long it will take for their BAL to return to zero.

At a recent press conference announcing the campaign, the CEO of BACtrack said that pilot study the company conducted in Colorado last year revealed that 84 percent of participants said that having the device reduced their chances of drinking and driving.

For those not taking part in “Before You Go, Know,” the devices are for sale, but they are not cheap. BACtrack sells them for $125. Obviously, the most fool-proof way of avoiding a DUI arrest is not to drive after drinking alcohol, but just because you have been arrested, it does not mean you are guilty or will go to jail.

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