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Arguments to fight a red light ticket

There are many red light cameras throughout the state of Colorado. While there are ways for drivers to get out of paying the fine, it is still best to avoid these citations when possible. A mark on your record can have a lasting impact. 

Whether your red light violation came from a camera or police officer, there are ways for you to fight it. To avoid any marks on your record, it may be best to bring in the assistance of a traffic attorney to help you fight your case. 

Disprove the officer

If a police officer issued you a ticket, then you can take your claim to court to refute the officer's claims. In the event the officer does not appear, which occasionally happens because the police are naturally busy, then the judge may throw your case out completely. You could also present evidence that suggests the officer had an obstructed view. Disproving an officer is tough because the court will stand by the officer's testimony over yours. 

Argue there was a problem with the camera

Although cameras seem foolproof, technology makes mistakes. It is possible for the camera to take a picture of a vehicle where the license plate is partially blurry. You could argue it is not you in the photo. 

One argument that is a bit of a stretch is to argue a red light camera violates your constitutional rights. You could argue the photos place the burden of proof on the accused party.

Argue violation was necessary to prevent harm

Another strategy is to not necessarily argue against the fact you ran a red light. You can claim you did it, but by doing so, you prevent a worse situation from occurring. For example, if there was a car next to you driving recklessly, then you can claim you wanted to get away from a dangerous situation. You will need evidence to back up your claims here, but it may help. 


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