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Reckless vs. careless driving

Reckless driving is a serious offense. Many Colorado residents rightfully worry about this kind of activity in their neighborhoods, including residents in one Colorado Springs neighborhood. People in the area have complained recently to the police about reckless driving in the area that occurs in the early hours of the morning.

Could speeding in Colorado put you at risk for jail time?

Colorado takes traffic violations seriously, and speeding is one of the most common ways drivers violate traffic laws. You do not necessarily have to be driving at an excessively high speed to run the risk of severe penalties for your driving. That is because some speeding violations take into account how many miles per hour above the posted speed limit you were driving rather than the exact speed itself.

Number of drinks to hit 0.08 percent

Colorado police have waged campaigns to crack down on drunk drivers. During Super Bowl weekend, 259 drivers faced arrest for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Last year during the same period, the police arrested 278 people for DUI

Could you face a criminal charge for aggressive driving?

If you spend any time at all in traffic, especially during rush hour, you would not be surprised to see people lose their patience behind the wheel. You might be one of them occasionally, as well. It is understandable that driving can be frustrating, especially if you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic or someone has cut you off or nearly caused an accident with you by failing to pay attention. However, you and other Colorado residents may want to take note – some types of driving might result in accidents and could land you in legal hot water.

Why would a police officer pull you over for a possible DUI?

It is rarely enjoyable, if ever enjoyable at all, to have a police officer pull you over. Sometimes, the officer even asks, "Why do you think I pulled you over?" In general, it is best to decline to answer such questions and others. The less you say, the more options you probably have down the road.

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