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4 ways to beat a DUI

A surprising number of DUI arrests do not result in a conviction. A significant number of DUI charges are dismissed or reduced to non-alcohol driving offenses, and in a few cases that go to trial, not guilty verdicts are returned. That's why you should never decide to plead guilty to driving under the influence until you have spoken with an attorney.

3 Clarifications on Colorado's drugged driving laws

This week, California became the eighth state to legally allow the recreational use of marijuana. Colorado of course made history by legalizing pot back in 2012, though the law didn't go into effect until January 2014. Still, four years is long enough that many have come to tolerate, if not exactly accept, the reality of legalization in Colorado.

Why your friend's DUI outcome is not necessarily yours

It could be that you have a friend or relative who was arrested on DUI charges in circumstances similar to yours. Perhaps the outcome was good, so you think yours will probably be too. Or maybe the outcome of that case was negative, so you feel discouraged about your chances.

What is breathalyzer calibration?

Whether you're interested in civil rights or doing research about drunk driving arrests, you've likely heard reference to breathalyzer calibration. In short, it's a term that refers to the functionality of a breath test machine. For example, on a cell phone or laptop, calibration ensures that display, voice and touch screen functions work together properly. Breath tests, just like other technology, require the right setup.

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